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Safety at Home

  • Keep all doors and windows locked at all times if possible, even when home.

  • Always lock the doors and windows when you leave, even if it is only for a short time.

  • Keep your house keys and car keys on separate key chains.

  • Do not attach your address to your key chain.

  • Do not lend your keys to anyone you do not know well or trust.

  • Never open the door to a stranger, even one who says that they are a service person. Ask for identification. Do not rely on a chain lock to prevent entry. It is insufficient protection.

  • If a stranger comes to your door and asks to use the telephone, do not open the door or let them in. Offer to place the call for them.

  • Know your neighbors. A neighbor can watch out for your residence while you are away, and you can do the same for them.

  • Don't leave our wallet, purse, checkbook, cash, or jewelry in open view. Keep them locked away or in a drawer or cabinet.

  • Engrave your ID number or driver's license number, including the state, on any valuable property such as a stereo, television, camera, lap top computer, etc. You may borrow an engraving tool from Security or from the Housing Office.

  • Hang up immediately on any harassing or obscene phone call. Report the incident to Security.