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Protect Your Bike

Bicycle thefts have occurred on campus. There is no particular area that is being targeted; however, the thefts are generally concentrated on the weekends. Security reminds everyone that you should always lock your bike to a secure object, even if you are only stopping for a couple of minutes.


  • The best security lock is the U-lock. Chains and cables are okay, but can be easily defeated with bolt cutters.

  • Secure your bike through both the frame and wheel.

  • Park your bike in a well-lighted, well-traveled area.

  • Do not hook the bicycle to stairway handrails. This can interfere with entering and exiting a building.

  • Do not leave the bicycle locked and unattended for an extended period of time, such as several days. If you do, check on it periodically.

  • Record the serial number of the bike and keep it in a safe place. Also mark the bike with your driver's license number. Register the bike with the Security Office.

  • While riding the bike on campus walkways, be cautious of pedestrians. They have the right of way. Please ride in a safe and courteous manner.

  • If you see or hear anything suspicious, notify Security immediately.